PURPOSE…The Driving Force of Your Business

In this program, discover The Driving Force of Your Business, Your Why, cause or belief  and grow Your business with Purpose to make an impact.


Are you ready to grow your business with purpose and make an impact?


Remember how excited you were when you started your business?

Are you NOW asking yourself…WHY does my business exist? 

Why do I wake up every morning and do what I do? 

And… Why should anyone care?

Discover your Purpose, the reason why your business exists and renew the passion you once had.

I am ready to grow my Business with PURPOSE

Build Your Business with Purpose and Make an Impact


What would it mean to you if you could build a business with a culture where everyone was fulfilled, where everyone believed in what you believe in? Whether you’re a CEO, president of a company, or a solopreneur, to build a business that makes an impact, you have to start by knowing your purpose. Knowing your WHY, your Purpose is how you develop your Vision, your Mission, and establish your Core Values.

We’ve been there… finding our Purpose was what re-ignited our passion for what we do… we now know what we do makes a difference… our Purpose drives our business and makes an impact.

What You Will Learn 


Discover your Personal WHY and Connect it to your Business WHY


Knowing your Personal WHY is where you have to start.  Follow the process your mentors will share with you and trust it. Once you know your Personal WHY, you will discover the process of turning it into your Business WHY, your Business Purpose.

Define Core Values and Discover how they relate to your HOWs


Through the process of discovering your Personal WHY and turning it into a Business WHY, you will be one step away from defining your Core Values and finding how they are turned into actions, your Hows.

Draft your Vision and Mission and see how they relate to your WHY


In this final part of the program you will use all that you discovered and see how it all fits together. Your mentors will walk you through the process of defining and drafting your Vision and Mission Statements, completing the foundation for building an impactful business.



Every Business knows WHAT they do.

Some Businesses know HOW they do it.

Only very few Businesses know WHY they do it.


Let’s face it… people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

People make decisions based on emotions. To be able to connect with you and your brand on an emotional level, your Purpose must be bigger than you, something they can align with emotionally. 

Building a Purpose Driven Business means building a tribe of loyal advocates who will follow your brand no matter what. Your tribe will follow you if they believe in what you believe in.




$597 USD
$397 USD

Your Investment NOW

  • The Importance of knowing your Purpose, your Cause… your WHY

  • Connect your personal WHY to Your Business Purpose

  • Define your Core Values

  • Draft Your Vision and Mission Statements

  • Build Your Business with Purpose to make an Impact

Meet Your Mentors


Both Averill and Ruth have had other businesses in the past, and they were not failures …but they were not driven by their Purpose and so the success of the business was very finite.

Once they discovered their WHY it became obvious that the success of their business  would be different. Although profit is important… it is in any business… it is never the driving force for them. Their business is now driven by a Purpose that’s much bigger than them. It now makes an impact on the outside world first.

By putting their Purpose out there for people to know, the right clients are much easier to find… often those clients find them because they are drawn to  them. This tribe of people are those who believe in what they believe in. 

Defining their target markets and messaging them is so much easier now because their messaging is driven by Purpose and Core Values. And of course that all leads to one thing for their business… more leads, more customers.

As founders and principals of Viral Essence Marketing Group, serving mainly B2B established companies, they realized that with their knowledge and experience they can share what they learned (the hard way) with those who are looking to get on the road of being business owners and leaders.



Averill Lehan

Ruth Bay



What's Included


  • Step by step instructions on the WHY process
    Comprehensive workbooks with detailed instructions
    Live demo of the WHY discovery Process
    6 insightful videos on:
  • Discovering, drafting, and refining your WHY
  • Defining your Core Values
  • Defining Your Vision and Mission using your WHY



Once You Discover Your Purpose you can start building an impactful business.

To help you along the way, you will have access to this 5 minute video a day, for 7 days to help you discover the 5 Essential Marketing Tools.

This program of value of $147. USD is absolutely FREE to you when you sign up for Purpose... The Driving Force of Your Business  program.




$597 USD
$397 USD

Your Investment NOW

  • The Importance of knowing your Purpose, your Cause… your WHY

  • Connect your personal WHY to Your Business Purpose

  • Define your Core Values

  • Draft Your Vision and Mission Statements

  • Build Your Business with Purpose to make an Impact

Money Back Guarantee


If you’re truly ready to find your Purpose and build a business that makes an impact, you’re guaranteed to love and benefit from this program.

However, if you’ve gone through all the modules, drafted your WHY, refined it, connected it to your business, defined actionable Core Values, and drafted your Vision and Mission statements, and you still didn’t get the value we promised you, you can request a full refund within 14 days of finishing the program.

Program Curriculum

This Isn’t for Everyone, and That’s Okay

This program is for serious business owners. If you are looking to grow a Purpose driven business that makes  an impact, this program is for you. Averill and Ruth are here to support and guide you as you take your business from wherever it is to where you want it to be. If you want mentors who are always in your corner, but aren’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, you’re in the right place. 

Camilla Bignell

As a business owner I wanted to know my ‘purpose’. What I discovered was that I became more aware of my overall purpose; why I do what I do. As an added bonus, it demystified Vision, Mission Statement and Core Values and showed how important they are in my business.

Here’s what I especially loved about Purpose… The Driving Force of Your Business:

  • Simple step-by-step instructions
  • Fantastic scenarios to help stay focused and tap into what really matters
  • Excellent questions enhancing the art of listening to capture meaningful nuggets
  • Established Core Values for improved success with client and employee relationships that increase revenue and reduce staffing costs
  • I now have a practical decision making tool as a filter for my team and I to use for more aligned action

Thank you Ruth and Averill for helping me establish this foundational piece that will create more strategic momentum in my business in a more meaningful, profitable and fulfilling way.  

Camilla Bignell

Camilla Bignell Coaching & Consulting

Scott Ziniuk

Account Executive

I never realized how valuable knowing my WHY would be.  

Purpose … The Driving Your Business Program is a valuable resource. Its step by step instruction delivered by Averill and Ruth is easy to follow and they make the process not only valuable but a lot of fun. From finding the personal WHY to seeing how it connects to business and leading the viewer through the process of finding Core Values and writing out the Vision and Mission Statement, it’s a complete win-win at the end. The knowledge and foundation gained from the program truly does make  service I provide more meaningful to myself and my clients, and it also leads to an increase in overall sales activity.  Finding purpose is definitely a game changer not just for  business owners, but in the corporate world in general.


Scott  Ziniuk

Account Executive

Shaw Communications

What Happens When You Sign up

Step #1 
Check Your Inbox

Discovering your Purpose is the building block of growing a business that makes an impact.  You are about to take a first step to changing your personal and business life. You are about to find out who you are when you are at your best. You receive a one time access code for your partner to use while watching the program together if you're not able to be at the same location.

Step #2 
Start Your First Module

Dive right in! The introductory module is all about the reasons for discovering you WHY, your Purpose, or Cause. 

Step #3 
Trust The Process

Get clarity on the reasons for your WHY. Go through the process and find out who you are when you’re at your best. Connect all you’ll learn to your business … it will change everything you do from now on.

Step #4
Finish Strong

You are at the end of the beginning. You’ll finish here knowing your Vision, defining your Core values as actions, and clearly stating your Mission so it supports your Vision.